Wednesday, July 17, 2013

7-17-13 more thoughts and a mini update

Well I finally made it to the temple last night and did a session with my parents and sister.  It was awesome!!!  Here is a few pics.  I LOVE it when it storms!  The whole evening was just what I needed.  

Well the Doctor decided not to take the stitches out on Monday as he had mentioned he might.  But the good news is so far he seems to think we can make it to California, although I can tell its not something he is entirely comfortable with though.
So the new plan is tomorrow (Thursday) they will take her into the O.R. and take out her stitches (they are teeny tiny stitches that she has had since her surgery) and then they will put new longer stitches in instead.  Just to give some added support for the next week or two.  Then she will get those stitches out a week or two later.
While I am looking forward to moving on, I always dread her going into the operating room.  Its not just the sitting in the waiting room, watching my daughters name on the screen waiting for the little icon that tells me when they "start" and when they "end" and when she is in recovery.   I hate to watch but I cant help it.  I have been there 3 other times before.... this last time I tried listening to head phones, I tried reading my favorite magazine (PEOPLE)  I tried playing games on my phone, but no matter what I dont think I took my eyes off her name on that screen for more than 30 seconds.  Thank goodness my hubby was able to be there last time.  It was nice not to go crazy by myself haha.
We have to be there at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow.  She is scheduled for the O.R. at 8:00.
Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers.

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The Perry Family said...

Yay you could attend the temple! It will always make us feel better and fill our cups once again. Hope everything went good with Bella today and that you will feel more comfortable about your California Trip! :)