Saturday, May 30, 2009

And Last but not least ( I am fianlly caught up with all my pictures and posts) I told my Mom I would take some pictures of my little water baby... Our pool opened last weekend and Lindsay has gone swimming a few times already. She loves it.

Isnt that COZY?

We having been unsuccesfully trying to get Lindsay to fall asleep on her own (which means her screaming a horrifying scream) the other day when she finally quieted down this is what I found when I checked on her.... :(
Of course I helped her lay down in a more comfortable way (after I took some pictures)

Zoo (again)

Rick showing Lindsay the elephants.
He was showing off

Lindsay having a nice visit with a really old orangutan...

This sun bear looked so sute and cozy I had to take a picture.

Who ME???
This is Lindsay favorite thing to do... Well one of her favorite things anyways.... She loves getting into my purse and wallet. She emptys the whole thing out. If she happens to find any gum in it she makes sure she chews it all to smitherings.... Needless to say "I" go through about 2 packs of gum week, out of the 2 packs I think that I get about 2 pieces (if I am lucky)

My first baby that LOVES pickels... (I think they feel good on her gums)

A few weeks ago they did this contest at the outdoor mall near where we live. The contest was "dads" dress up like Taylor Swift and they had too get up on stage and sing one of her songs... It was hilarious!!! I was so suprised at how many of them shaved not only their legs but their arm pits and chests too... Bella really enjoyed watching it too. The winner got a meet and greet with Taylor Swift for him and his daughter, and backstage passes, amoung many other prizes....

Thursday, May 7, 2009

New favorite hiding place

This is Lindsay new favorite place to hang out. She loves being under the table. When the girls eat their breakfast in the morning she crawls over there and stands at their legs and giggles, (with the occasional grunt and tug trying to get something to eat). She is such a happy sweet baby.

Taking a stroll

We have tons of really beautiful trails in the area. So we enjoy going for walks as a family. Lindsay is no exception on this.... She always sits at the edge of her stroller seat with much anticipation, while her arms and body both bounce up and down... It makes a smile instantly come to my face when I see her so happy. I wish that life were that simple for everyone, that just being outside made us get all giddy with excitement....