Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bella n Ashes get crafty and creative

A friend of mine from our ward does sewing and quilting classes. Both the girls took a class.

Ashlynn took a beginner sewing class. (she made a beautiful pillowcase) that she loves to sleep on because she says it is super soft.

And Bella made a awesome quilt. She just finished her class today. I think she made sure to put her name on it so I couldnt steal it. :) Both of them can't wait to do another class. They loved it.

It is that time of year again. School clothes shopping! We went to the Nike employee store yesterday for the first time ever. ( A friend was able to get us a pass to get in for a day)
It was funny they all liked the same shoes. (well to be honest Lindsay liked ALL the shoes) she kept saying "I want that one and that one and that one...."
Everything at the Nike employee store is half off the regular retail value. SO that helps a little bit. We just got them school shoes, and then Jason some football gear.

Bella's pioneer Trek



Bella was able to go on a pioneer trek a few weeks ago. She had a great time. I am hoping to be able to talk her into getting on here and posting about her experience.

Happy Birthday Lindsay!!!

We celebrated Lindsay's Birthday the first week of July. She sang happy birthday to herself for weeks. It is so wonderful to hear her sweet little voice singing songs. I love it!
Some of her favorite things are:
*She loves to follow Ashlynn everywhere (if Ashes is in the living room with us and Lindz wants to play she comes and grabs Ashes by the hand and says "come on Ashes" and pulls her)
*She LOVES to be in the kitchen all the time she says "I help you"
*She climbs up on top of the table and says "look I a giant"
*Her favorite songs are The wise man built his house upon the rock, The Chapel doors, I am a child of God, 3 little monkeys swinging in the tree, Popcorn popping, Jesus wants me for a sunbeam. ANd the list goes on and on.... She can hear a song 2-3 times and then I will hear her singing it. She loves singing!
*She tells me all the time she loves Grandpa and Grandma. Mostly while we are driving in the
car. She says "we going to Grandpa and Grandmas house!"
* She loves Dinosaurs and animals.

Some cute things she says:
*The other day Bella stole a french fry off Lindsay's plate and Lindsay said "no no you goober"
*She loves the movie Princess and the Frog and she sometimes says "you a stick in the mud!" (a line from the movie)
* She puts her hands on her Dads cheeks and says either "Poky" or "thats smooth" depending on if he has shaved recently.
* SHe points to my Belly and says Baby brother. This might turn out to be confusing later. :)
*She knows the Verizon logo (her dads work logo) and whenever we are driving down the street and pass a Verizon van or vehicle she says "thats Daddy's Verizon"
* The other day when my sister was here visiting us we were all in the kitchen and Lindsay was standing on a stool and she saw the garlic press in my Kitchen tools and told Tracy "thats Daddys" and then she proceeded to point to an Ice Cream scoop and say "thats Mommys" This kid is way more observant than we can ever realize. Tracy had a good laugh about that.

I cant even think of all the cute things she says. SHe makes me laugh every moment of every day. She keeps me on my toes for sure. But I don't know what I would do without each and every one of my kids.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Trip to Florence with Jungmans

Sarah wrote her name in the sand

Rick Helped the kids build a sand castle.

Lindsay trying to talk Matthew into going for a swim with her.

Lindsay enjoying Matthews car seat

Trying to stay warm in Matthews carseat...

Kisses for Matthew

"come on Matthew"

Matthew being adorable as always

Tracy and Matthew

Lindsay LOVED the beach!!!

Lindsay watching me while I was eating breakfast,
she had already eaten and went back to the hotel
room with her Dad.

View from our hotel room.

little birdie taking a bath in the teeny stream

some of the kids looking out over the ocean.

Sea lions....

view from inside the "worlds largest sea lion cave"
needless to say it really stunk!

girls waiting for the elevator

Bella and Liz and Matthew

view from inside the upper part of the sea lion caves

And last but not least a picture of most the group