Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Monday, January 30, 2012

Mccall Day 2

 All the kids were holding the pager at the same time so they would all know at the same time when our table was ready.  Kinda Silly...

Mccall Day 1

 Watching winter festivals opening night fireworks.

 Cam and Matthew wearing matching jammies

Mid Evil festival

In 5th grade they learn about Mid Evil times. and they do a mid evil festival as part of the unit.   They dress up in costume and have a special lunch followed by some crafts.  She was assigned to be a apothacary's apprentice. She had a great time dressing the part. And she was especially excited about having long hair.

Cutest little Crossing Guard

In 5th grade the kids have the opportunity to be a crossing guard a couple times throughout the school year.

First snow

I love the magic of the first Snow.  I am reminded how much heavenly Father loves us.

Ashlynn's want list

* I was looking through m blog drafts and came across this blog I never published. It was to good not to publish. Made me teary eyed.  So I am publishing it a little late*
Well Ashlynn's 7th birthday is coming up here in a little over a month. And the other night as we were cleaning up from dinner she said "Mom can I make a birthday wish list?" So I asked her what kind of things she would want to write on her wish list and she mentioned one toy that she wanted and then she said and "I want a love note from you and Daddy" I asked her what kind of a love note? She explained she just wanted me to write her a little note telling her "how much I love her and what I love". I then asked her if there was anything else on her wish list and then of course she added "you could give me a little treat (candy bar I assume) with my love note". What a sweet little girl. Of all the things in the world a seven year old could and would want.... She asked for a "love note from us". I love my kids! They always surprise me!

Ashlynn's School project

Rick helped AShes make a ship for her school project. It turned out awesome!

Ashlynn Volleyball

Ashlynns first Volley ball season. THese were taken after the last game. They had a little team party.


we were able to go to Boise and go to a corn maze with both my sisters and their families and my parents.  We had a great time.  Even if we got lost a time or two.