Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Photo session part 3

OK so these photos I hadn't really planned on posting because they started arguing in the middle of me taking them. I think what happened was I told Bella to put her arm around Ashlynn, well she did but she accidentally almost made Ashlynn fall off. So of course Ashlynn reacted in not a very sweet way. So I was trying to get them to smile for the camera and instead all I got was fussy looks. 5 min. later they had gotten over it and were running around playing again. I wonder what it is going to be like to have 3 girls? My poor husband... I don't know how my Dad an Josh coped with having all that estrogen in the house when we were kids. But I wouldn't change it for anything. (not yet anyways, we will see how it goes when they are teenagers) ;)

Photo session part two

It was funny at first I had told her she needed to take her sunglasses off... But then I realized that they really do show her true personality. She really enjoyed this... if you cant tell just by seeing the pictures.

Photo session Part one

We decided to do a little photo session of the girls about a month ago or so and these are a few of the pictures we took. They are just casual pictures from when we were at the park. We hadnt planned on doing pictures or anything.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Ashlynn learning how to ride a bike.

Ashlynn has almost learned
how to ride a bike all by herself.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bella's field trip

Well last week I was able to volunteer to go on Bella's field trip to the capitol building in Salem. It was pretty fun. Some of the highlights of the trip were:
On the way to Salem on the bus all the kids on the bus were trying to see how many semi-trucks they could get to honk at them (by making the honking gesture, How many of you remember doing this as kids?) I think they got around thirteen.... It was pretty funny to see a bus full of fourth graders trying to get the semi's to honk!

These last two pictures were taken from ON TOP OF THE CAPITOL BUILDING...
Yes we walked up hundreds of stairs to get there!!! Only to find out after wards that I could have gone part of the way up on the elevator. :) But the view was amazing! It was really cool.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

"Mommy do I have Uterus?"

So a few weeks ago I was at the library and I checked out some books to read with the girls, I think one was titled "Mommy's having a baby" or something like that. I checked out two or three books like this. Just thinking that it might help answer any questions or concerns that the girls might have (Mostly Ashlynn) It talked about Mom going to the hospital to have the baby and etc. Anyways... But it didn't go into to much detail though. So anyways Last night Ashlynn was laying by me in my rocking chair and I was asleep pretty much already... When out of nowhere she asks me "Mom do I have a uterus?" I kept my answer short and simple because that is what you are supposed to do.... And I said Yes. Then she fell asleep.
Well today at the dinner table she said "What is a uterus?" So I said the only thing I could think of at that moment... I told her to ask her Dad. :) He told her it is part of a woman's body that helps her have baby's. So that is when she asked him if he has a uterus too?
My girls just make me laugh. Some of the things that they come up with are hilarious.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Great way to end a great trip!!!

On Saturday we were able to go the temple with Josh and Kristie. It was my first time doing a session at the Salt Lake temple, it was so beautiful!!!! Thanks again to Josh and Kristie for taking us.

Mandi and I after the session.

This was when we were on our way home on the airplane. I took this picture myself so....

This was just one of the many gorgeous flowers that I was able to see at temple square.

All in all it was a fun trip. The obvious highlights of the trip were : seeing the prophet talk, visiting with Josh and Kristie, spending time with my friend Mandi (whom I have missed very much since I moved away... and definitely going through the SLC temple, and of course the brownies at the creamery, and visiting with Jen & Fred and the girls in Provo, Oh yeah also eating at Fuddruckers!!! And last but not least coming home again to my family afterwards!!!
I am hoping to talk my Mom and sisters into doing it with me next year. I talked to Kristie and Kerri about it and it sounds like they were both interested. So I will be keeping my fingers crossed.

Dorm Life......

This is a picture of my bed and my desk to the right. The far right is a little sink.

Below is a picture of Mandi's Bed and her desk.

Below is a picture of some pregnant woman taking a picture of herself. (what a goober)

Do I know her?

Womens Conference

What would Womens Conference be without some mint brownies from the BYU Creamery?

Blurry picture of President Monson on the big screen.

Really blurry picture of President Monson talking.

This is the opening Song right before President Monson talked.