Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Lord requires us “to forgive all men”15 for our own good because “hatred retards spiritual growth.” 16 Only as we rid ourselves of hatred and bitterness can the Lord put comfort into our hearts,

Let us remember that we need to forgive to be forgiven. In the words of one of my favorite hymns, “Oh, forgive as thou wouldst be e’en forgiven now by me.”20 With all my heart and soul, I believe in the healing power that can come to us as we follow the counsel of the Savior “to forgive all men.”

Taken from the conference talk by James E Faust The healing power of forgiveness.
Love you all

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

OK So I thought I would explain a little bit about the pictures that I posted. First few picture are of the girls their first day of school this year. Then the pink haired ones are from this last weekend. At the Craft warehouse here they had what was called a crop for the cure. (Proceeds go to benifit the Susan G. Komen breast cancer foundation.) There was a contest (obviously) But we didnt win. :( But thats alright we will win next year!!! WE had a lot of fun doing it though. And we got some scrapbook pages done. Maybe I will take some pictures of them one of these days and put them on here... Well we need to get more people on here to start posting some messages. LIke NET?????? Taura???? Mom & Dad????? ANyone???? MAry how is Fred doing? IS he still in Mexico? Rick will be going to Calf. for three weeks on Oct. 21st. Well hopefully we will start to use the blg more often now.
P.S. Dad I got your letter about Baileys and we would love to go with you but we need to talk about it some more. Rick doesnt think he can get the time off at that time of the year. So we will see what happens.
love ya

Kaitlyn Sherida Peters ~ Born 9-30-07

Who do you think she looks like?