Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring Break

We are counting down the days till Spring Break. We are really looking forward to going to Idaho for Spring Break. We cant wait to see Jason and our families. 12 days left!


This morning I took the girls in to get their teeth cleaned and check for cavities. It was Lindsay's first dentist appointment, they had explained to me that when the dentist comes in to look at her teeth that I will need to hold her on my lap facing me and then have her lean back and hold her arms while the dentist looks. About the same time that the assistant was explaining all this to me, Lindsay crawled out of my lap and climbed up and plopped down in the big chair and gave us a big smile... I still planned on holding her in my lap when the dentist did come in, But it ended up I didnt need too, they reclined the chair and the whole time she just had a huge smile on her face and opened right up for the dentist. I warned the dentist that she bites my fingers while I am trying to brush her teeth all the time. But OF COURSE she didnt even try to bite the dentist (dont get me wrong I was relieved but what a stinker....) When she was all done she got to go pick out a book.
Oh yeah and No Cavities for any of my kiddos wahoo!