Saturday, February 28, 2009

I am going to be posting many pictures the next week or two trying to catch up... I guess it is like my journal in more ways than I realized. I do this with my journal too. (I go months without writing any, and then I play catch up. BUT these pics are from last night. I was so glad I caught her making this face when I had my camera.

Boys ice fishing

Everytime I think of ice fishing I think of the movie Grumpy old men or grumpier old men starring Jack Lemmon and Walter Mattau. (Rick wanted to go Ice fishing with my Dad. It was something he had never done. ) He thought maybe Jason would enjoy going too, so My Dad, Josh, Rick and Jason all went Ice fishing... I know Rick enjoyed it, but Jason probably wont be dong that again. :)

Valentines Dinner and Concert

We really enjoyed watching Jason's concert. They did a really cute job with it. The seating was all assigned and when they sat you each had little place settings, then you had a waiter come and ask if you want "white or red" it took me a second to realize the waiter was asking if I want white grape sparking cider or cranberry. :) It was really cute.

This is Jason and some of his buddies singing.
This is Jason and Sadie singing, this was the closing song. This is Jason's "girlfreind" she seemed like a very sweet girl and we enjoyed getting to sit by her parents and get to know them.
Sorry for the fuzzy picture.

Sweet dreams

First Grandpa enjoyed putting Lindsay to sleep ....

And then Lindsay repaid the favor by putting Grandpa to sleep.....

Grandpa's girl

One tired cowgirl

Lindsay loves her bouncer horse that some friends in the ward gave us. One day I turned around and looked at her and this is what I saw......