Thursday, January 22, 2009

Be kind to your fellow men

So the other day (a few days after Christmas) we were at Target looking for a place to park. Well we finally found a really good spot. Rick was driving and so he pulled into the spot and then a lady (who was around the corner of the isle so not even in our Isle of traffic....) pulled around and flipped us off... Now I don't know what we did but I am assuming that she must have wanted that parking spot. Well than she went and parked (like 5 cars away) and came walking towards our car as we were getting out. I was unbuckling Lindsay and Rick was unbuckling Ashlynn. And she came up and was just glaring at us, and kinda stood behind the car for a brief second. I thought she was going to say something, but she finally kept walking in to the store. But it really bothered me for some reason. I was so offended that this woman who could very possibly be a Grandma herself was so rude. I know I am a little naive when it comes to the cruelty that some people can posses. Or maybe I was still just feeling a little bit of the Christmas spirit, OR maybe I was just upset that she acted that way with my children around... I don't know but I was upset about it.
Then this last week I was driving to Portland to the Heiners and I was on the Freeway and I switched lanes to the far right lane, well once I got over I realized there was a police car with its lights on in that lane, so I switched back. When the "sweet girl" behind me came around me and flipped me off... Then when she got in front of me and realized why I had switched over she then had to jump back over to my lane....
I don't know why people do it, I don't know if it really makes them feel THAT much better. But from where I stand it makes the person doing the flipping off look pretty ignorant and silly... I cant help but wonder where they learned to treat other people like that?
If any of you reading this right now flips people off when they get angry??? Maybe you should rethink it....

New Years Party

I know I am pretty late with updating this.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Christmas (a little late...)

Grandma are you there???

Bella got some pink bath salts in her stocking from Santa. She enjoyed a relaxing bath the other day and I guess she wanted to take some pictures to remember it??? So she grabbed my camera and took some pics of her and her pink water. She makes me laugh.

Lindsay trying some yummy prunes.

Sick little baby...

Well Lindsay has been feeling pretty crummy the last month or more. She has had a cough that she can't get rid of, mixed with other symptoms. The doctor thinks she might have Asthma. So yesterday she was prescribed a inhaler and than after another rough night last night. Today we went back to the doctor again and she is getting nebulizer treatments of Albuterol. These pics are of Rick doing her treatment tonight. Poor thing doesnt feel very good. Usually she would fight us putting that thing over her face or at least she would try eating it... But tonight she just laid there looking at us. We are just hoping that she doesnt get any worse.