Monday, March 31, 2008


We just got back this afternoon from Coeur D' Alene. We went to visit our friends. We had so much fun, I forgot to take any pictures. On the first night we went to Shane and Cheryl and met Mandi and Justin there and played a game called Quelf. We had a good time. Friday morning we (mostly Rick) took the kids to "Raptor Reef" to go swimming. Those are the pictures above. The last picture of the group of them standing together, if you look behind them you will see a big red thing. They call that the toilet (not for the reason that you might be thinking though) They call it the toilet because I guess you go around and around and around until you finally drop out the bottom. We are so glad that Brooklyne was able to go with us too!
Then Friday night I went to dinner with 4 of the ladies from my old work (that I miss so much) Mandi, Kristine, Suzette and Becky. We went to Outback steakhouse. Yummy! Then after that Rick and I ran out to the Greg and Rebecca's because they had invited Bella and Ashlynn to sleep over.
Sat morning we went and picked up the girls from the Morrills and they had made really yummy pancakes for us for breakfast. Then Sat Rick and the girls went to watch Brooklyne do a presentation for her 4-H and then we went to WAl-MART. We have only been to Walmart like 2-3 times since we moved here because we don't have a walmart within approx. 30 min of our house.... So we decided for old time sake we would go to Walmart It wasnt that exciting though. After walmart we went to the Morrills and then we went to dinner at Toro Viejo with them (also yummy) after dinner we decided to go check out the new Cabella's store that just opened up there. It was pretty cool. Alot of animals to look at. After Cabella's we went to the Morrills and had ice cream.
Sunday we went to church and saw a bunch of our old friends from our ward. We sure do miss that ward. Then we said our goodbyes to Mandi and Justin and Greg and Rebecca.... And hit the road. But not for too long we ended up staying in Kennewick last night. And then we got home this afternoon around 1:30. So that was our weekend... We had a great time. When we were driving and before we got to CDA we were talking about how it felt like we were coming home. I think CDA will always be "home" to us. It still feels like home and always will. Sorry, I didn't mean to do a play by play of our weekend but it just kinda ended up that way.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Day 5: Coming to an End :(

Today we did kind of a special day for Sarah's Birthday. After lunch we went to a place called Safari Sam's (they have Oregon's largest jungle gym) and we also played some mini golf. The kids had fun there too of course. And then we came home and ate Hawaiian stack-ups (Sarah's favorite meal) and watched her open her presents and ate yummy lemon Birthday cake afterwards. Tomorrow Tracy and the kids are heading back to Boise, and Rick and I and our girls are heading for a little mini vacation to Northern Idaho to visit all our old friends. We reserved a Hotel there for three nights. It will be alot of fun to see them. It has been so much fun having my sister here and my nieces and nephew. It is always great to get to spend time together. We will be counting down the days until we come to Southern Idaho in July and see them again. Well I will take some pics of our trip and put them on here when we get back.

Day 4

Day 4 we went to the OMSI (Oregon museum of Science and Industry). We had alot of fun while we were there. Aaron loved playing in the sandbox in the scince playground.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Day 3: Part 2

This picture below is one I took right before we left to go to the coast. Ashlynn decided she would help Aaron do his hair.

So there is a story behind these pictures.... In the other pictures there is 2 pictures of all the kids with their back towards the cameras, heading towards the ocean.... Well then a wave snuck up on us, and they (and by that I mean we) all ran backwards to get away from it. Well poor Aaron fell down in the water and got soaked!!! He got so so so wet!!! To make matters worse at that point we had walked down the coast so we were no where near our cars. So we ended up stripping him down and then putting Ricks sweatshirt on him. When we took off his little rain boots water just poured out of them.... When I got home I put the pictures on the computer and couldn't help but realize the look on his face... TRAUMATIZED!

Day 3: Part one

Today we went to Cannon Beach. The kids had so much fun running on the beach! They were wanting so badly to get wet. It was a beautiful day!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Day 2: Nelsons and the Jungmans

Well today we started off our Easter Sunday by going to church. Then we came home and ate sandwiches. And the adults (and Aaron) took a little nap. We got up and started the yummy dinner. While the dinner was cooking we looked out the window and it had stopped raining so we decided to take advantage and go outside and do an Easter Egg hunt. Then we came inside and watched Enchanted. After the movie we ate dinner. We ate Ham, and Home made Augratin potatoes, and cooked carrots, and Brocolli and Cheese sauce, and Homemade Rolls, and then for dessert Tracy had made a really yummy Lemon Pie. We are now getting the kids settled down and to bed. We are thinking about going to the Coast tomorrow, seems how the weather said it only has 30% chance of rain. We will see how it goes.
We had a great Easter together with family.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Part 2: Day 1 Nelson and Jungmans

We had so much fun today!!!! But I think we are looking forward to putting the kids to bed tonight and watching a movie we rented callled I am Legend. (while we wait for the Easter bunny to come).

Day 1 : Nelsons and Jungmans

We had a great time today we went to the zoo this morning and did a Easter egg hunt and then we came home and colored easter eggs.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Leperacaun Bed and Breakfast

Welcome to the Leperacaun Inn

Every year for the past 4-5 years Bella has made some kind of a Leprechaun trap in hoped of catching a little guy. This year she decided to let him take a rest in comfort. She went all out with a little help from her sister they made a really fancy Leprechaun Inn this year (completely by them selves) There are a few things I want to point out that I thought were so adorable. First she made a "tips for Bella and Ashlynn" box (in the front) which he did leave a couple dollars in there for them. Then she made little Green and Yellow beds out of toilet paper that she stapled together. Then she also made pillows out of T.P. too. She left a treasure box full of (chucky cheese gold coins) for him. She laid out a few of their littlest pet shop animals on some of the beds so that "he wont be lonely" She made a green "carpet" leading up to some "food" (candy in a gold wrapper) They were so cute about this. They spent hours making it on Sunday night.

This is the note that was on the side of the Inn...
Bella wrote: "I am not trapping you I'm just giving you a place to sleep or enjoy yourself!"

Leprechauns reply was "Thank yee for thee rest here is some of that funie mony" (Obviously with all their gold they dont need to bother themseles with such a thing as an education.) LOL.

I love my kids!
I told Ashlynn to go have her sister help her fix her hair the other day for school and this is what she came out with.... Of course I didnt send her to school like this. :) But it was cute enough I wanted to remember it.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Well the past few weeks we have been fighting off colds flu or something or another.... I am finally feeling healthy again. We think I got Bronchitis two or three weeks ago. And it sure took alot out of me! I missed work for a entire week and Rick even missed work most of the week to stay home and take care of me and help out. (It was so sweet) Bella missed two or three days of school the week before last. And then she got sick this last Thursday again. BUT I have a feeling that we have had our share of being sick for a while so now we can count on feeling healthy.

I am going to apologize in advance for the long blog this time. But I am feeling pretty long winded today. One of the children in my class at the school is moving back to Israel tomorrow. (they work for Intel so they were here for a little more than a year) I have had 4 students from my class that were here from Israel temporarily move back to Israel. It is always pretty hard to say goodbye. I have worked with these kids for over a year in most cases. And watched them learn the language day by day. (most of them only spoke Hebrew or Arabic, or Russian when they first start in my class). It amazes me at how fast they pick up the language. We are talking about three year olds... I have two more children leaving to go back to Israel in April. I think I am going to have a really hard time when that happens. They are the last ones to go.
Not only has it been a wonderful experience to be able to teach them our language and about America, but I loved learning about their culture and customs. (and I even learned a little Hebrew) :) The family (who is flying out tomorrow) is giving us a bunch of baby stuff and all their food. Rick and I are going to go over there tonight to pick it up and then I will say goodbye to them.
Well Rick had to work today. And I am hoping he will get off of work at a decent time so we can have dinner together as a family. I made a roast. I am going to go start some Potatoes now. ( can you tell I am from Idaho? Notice how I capitalized potatoes back there????) LOL