Saturday, December 20, 2008

Let it snow Let it snow Let it Snow......

Well this last week has been wonderful... We had snow.... I loved it! The kids were out of school ALL week this last week (because of the snow) So they are getting a three week Christmas vacation.... Anyways today we got the most amount of snow so far and so Rick and the girls all went and played out side, when he got home from work. They were having so much fun that Lindsay and I decided to go down and see what was going on..... Lindsay and I stayed out there for less than 2-3 minutes. But she sure had fun and she was upset when we had to bring her in.

Getting ready to go outside

Yummy WHITE snow....

Ashlynn posing...
This is our snow from today.

We didnt have church last week due to the snow, today they emailed us around 4 telling us church was canceled for tomorrow. So I think my daughter got at least one thing on her wish list for Christmas... SNOW.

You wanna ride???

I walked in the living room this morning and this is what I saw... Lindsay was helping Bella play Mario Cart. It was pretty cute. She is really getting good at holding onto things (and not letting go) and she is really good at grabbing things she wants. Both her sisters are so good with her. It makes me feel so good to see how much they all love each other.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sick Baby

Nelson's visit

These are pictures from Thanksgiving dinner with the Nelson's. .

Lindsay loves her Uncle Robert SO much!!! She couldnt take her eyes off of him each time we saw them. Both of her older sisters were like that too though with their uncle Robert. He has the special touch I guess.

Wallace's visit

These pics are from the
Trailblazers game that
we went to while my
parents were here.

This picture above is not a very good picture (blurry) but it was cute because Lindsay was reaching for Grandpa's phone....

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tonight we watched this movie, Kit Kittredge. I really liked this movie!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What a cutie!!

THis is a new thing Lindsay started doing when her uncle Bob was here visiting... He would do this to her and then she would do it back to him. It was so adorable! It was a hundred times cuter in person! She is learning SO FAST! :(