Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sick Baby

Well Lindsay has been pretty sick for the last few days... I have forgotten how hard it is when you have a sick baby who cant tell you when her ears hurt, or throat, or her head.... We went to the doctor yesterday morning and we went again this afternoon.... This past weekend she had a virus, but now she seems to be just suffering from allergies and he asthma. These are some pictures I took today, her little eyes and nose wont stop running. I feel so bad for her.

Sunday at the park

A week or so ago we went to the park after church.... We had a great time. It was a beautiful day.

Daddy Daughter Dash

What a funny husband I have!!! So we have a little inside joke between Rick and I... and that is, that whenever he is does something special with the kids (and I am not there) I always ask (ok more like demand) for him to take pictures.... And he always forgets too... So lately I have been making threats... (ok not really) but I have been giving him a hard time about always forgetting. So when it came time for the Daddy daughter Dash fr Bella's Girls Achivement Activity I reminded him to take the camera, and asked him to try and get a few photos... Ok so maybe I teased him about "always" forgetting... Well a few days later when I was uploading photos I laughed SO hard.....

He obviously forgot to take photos during the dash, so he had Bella pose (in front of our apartment....) And by the look on his face in the photos I am pretty sure he is mocking me too.... I couldnt help but laugh. What a great husband I have.


Rick told the girls that he would take them to Hannah Montana the movie (while I was in Idaho) they ended up deciding to wait so I could go with them, so for Family Home Evening on the Monday after I got home we all went to Hannah Montana. We had a fun time, of course it wasnt my number one pick for a movie that I was going to pay to see in a theatre but hey Ashlynn loved it so that makes it worth it, right?

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Saying Goodbye

Grandma wanted to read some books to Lindsay before I put her to sleep (the night before we left). Lindsay loved this book she and grandma BOTH were giggly while reading it.

The Morning right when we were leaving.

pat a cake

Dad joined us for a quick game of Fill or Bust... After that he was wiped out. But Josh and Kristie and Mom and I all continued on to play Settlers of Catan later.... Which Kristie won one game and then Josh won the other.....
Lindsay had fun playing pat a cake with Kristie. It was funny before this trip she wouldnt let anyone but Mommy and Dad and sisters near her. (for the most part) And yet she went right to my parents and she warmed right up to Kristie as well. After a little bit she eventually went to my aunt Sharen as well.

Lindsay had a great time visiting Grandma and Grandpa Wallace. She was so good for me. She just enjoyed having open space to explore. She also loved when Grandma and Mommy took her for a walk around the church. She loved letting Grandpa rock her to sleep and she loved it when Grandma would play hide and seek and peek a boo with her. She loved seeing Grandma walk through the door after work.
As for me I enjoyed spending precious time with my parents. I am so blessed that I could be there to help out in a time of need. I enjoyed being able to help my Dad with his IV's.
I have realized for years how important they are to me. I regret not realizing this earlier in my life... I regret my kids not living closer to both of their grandparents.... I look back and see how significant my grandparents were in my life. I saw them usually monthly. If I had Grandparents day at school they were there. On Christmas we would make stops at both Grandparents and see them and our cousins. As well as many other holidays, or significant events. School programs, choir concerts, sports, church recognitons.... They were there! Thank you to my parents for living close enough to make all that possible. And to my grandparents for always doing your best to make us feel important.
We moved away from all our family over 8 years ago now. And we are ready to be back closer to them. Can you tell? Rick has been loking for a job in the Boise area for months. He would like to stay with his company. So we have been praying for an oppritunity. I know if it is Gods will than a way will be provided for us. (I just hope he hurrays) just kidding.

look I am a big girl

This pics were taken on April 1st. She had just gotten to the point where she was figuring out how to crawl a foot or two.... But she would pull herself up to stnad next to things (while holding onto them) She thought she was SO big. The last few weeks she has come ALONG ways.... she crawls all over the place, she pulls herself upto stand by anything. She also started giving kisses, but only if you are very very lucky! She used to give just Mommy kisses but lately Dad has been able to bribe her into giving her a kiss or two. :) It is so easy to see the blessings my Heaven Father has given me when I have family to look at each and every day. What a blessing!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Spring Break FUN with the Hollis family

Mandi and her boys came and stayed with us for part of their Spring Break. We had a great time. (though we missed Justin) It really made us miss all of our great friends in Northern Idaho. We have lots of great memories of some great laughs with them, and great times.

While they were here we went to the Oregon Zoo
My favorite part of the zoo is the MONKEYS. And Ilove the elephants too (mostly because of the baby elephant though) She is adorable!

This is us taking the Hollis fam on the MAX (the public transportation train) for their first time. It was pretty educational, huh Mandi???

Chilling at the Park, literally CHILLING at the park.