Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Daddy Daughter Dash

What a funny husband I have!!! So we have a little inside joke between Rick and I... and that is, that whenever he is does something special with the kids (and I am not there) I always ask (ok more like demand) for him to take pictures.... And he always forgets too... So lately I have been making threats... (ok not really) but I have been giving him a hard time about always forgetting. So when it came time for the Daddy daughter Dash fr Bella's Girls Achivement Activity I reminded him to take the camera, and asked him to try and get a few photos... Ok so maybe I teased him about "always" forgetting... Well a few days later when I was uploading photos I laughed SO hard.....

He obviously forgot to take photos during the dash, so he had Bella pose (in front of our apartment....) And by the look on his face in the photos I am pretty sure he is mocking me too.... I couldnt help but laugh. What a great husband I have.

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