Thursday, July 21, 2011


Ashlynn is playing soccer this summer, after not playing for the last 5 years, She started out a little rusty but has shown improvement every game. I am proud of you Ashlynn for trying something that is out of your comfort zone. Way to go!

Wallowa Lake

While we were at Wallowa lake we decided to hit the race track. Jason whooped all of us girls. Lindsay and I were in one car Bella and AShlynn were in another car and Rick and Cam were our spectators.


OK so Bella and Rick and I have been working hard to earn money for her Philly trip. I am so proud of how hard she has worked for this. Carwash's, weeding, sorting cans, paper route, selling crafty stuff at almost EVERY saturday's farmers market, babysitting, having a garage sale. The list goes on and on. I am proud to say we have over half the $2400. that she needs. Which is way more than any of her classmates. So I will show you what has helped her make the most money. These paracord bracelets and necklaces.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Kids are so discusting and funny at the same time

I am not sure what posses kids to do something like this but we all got our laughs out it though.

I am not sure what posses kids to do something like this but we all got our laughs out i

Wallowa Lake

So the week Jason was here we decided to make the most of it so we were going nonstop all week. One night we went up to Wallowa lake and stay at a "cabin"

Its the little moments like this that we miss most.
It is so hard to articulate the emotion that I feel when I am able to look out the window and see all our children together. It is not a feeling that we get to feel often. I feel a overwhelming sense of peace and love. I guess you could say I feel whole. It is a feeling that I think most parents take for granted in everyday life.
Jason was able to come visit for a little over a week this month and it was so great having him here. The first night he was here the three older kids all slept out on the tramp. I am not sure how comfortable it was but they had fun none the less.

ITS the little things that