Monday, March 31, 2008


We just got back this afternoon from Coeur D' Alene. We went to visit our friends. We had so much fun, I forgot to take any pictures. On the first night we went to Shane and Cheryl and met Mandi and Justin there and played a game called Quelf. We had a good time. Friday morning we (mostly Rick) took the kids to "Raptor Reef" to go swimming. Those are the pictures above. The last picture of the group of them standing together, if you look behind them you will see a big red thing. They call that the toilet (not for the reason that you might be thinking though) They call it the toilet because I guess you go around and around and around until you finally drop out the bottom. We are so glad that Brooklyne was able to go with us too!
Then Friday night I went to dinner with 4 of the ladies from my old work (that I miss so much) Mandi, Kristine, Suzette and Becky. We went to Outback steakhouse. Yummy! Then after that Rick and I ran out to the Greg and Rebecca's because they had invited Bella and Ashlynn to sleep over.
Sat morning we went and picked up the girls from the Morrills and they had made really yummy pancakes for us for breakfast. Then Sat Rick and the girls went to watch Brooklyne do a presentation for her 4-H and then we went to WAl-MART. We have only been to Walmart like 2-3 times since we moved here because we don't have a walmart within approx. 30 min of our house.... So we decided for old time sake we would go to Walmart It wasnt that exciting though. After walmart we went to the Morrills and then we went to dinner at Toro Viejo with them (also yummy) after dinner we decided to go check out the new Cabella's store that just opened up there. It was pretty cool. Alot of animals to look at. After Cabella's we went to the Morrills and had ice cream.
Sunday we went to church and saw a bunch of our old friends from our ward. We sure do miss that ward. Then we said our goodbyes to Mandi and Justin and Greg and Rebecca.... And hit the road. But not for too long we ended up staying in Kennewick last night. And then we got home this afternoon around 1:30. So that was our weekend... We had a great time. When we were driving and before we got to CDA we were talking about how it felt like we were coming home. I think CDA will always be "home" to us. It still feels like home and always will. Sorry, I didn't mean to do a play by play of our weekend but it just kinda ended up that way.

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Andrea Hardman said...

Yum, lots of fun and good food. And swimming. What a great time!