Saturday, April 5, 2008

Back to work...

Well I made it through the first week back at work. To think I only have another 2 months until I am going to go on my maternity leave.... Yeah!
I am sitting here listening to General Conference with my girls ( Rick is at work) We just sustained our new prophet Thomas S Monson. It was a neat experience.
Well my friend Mandi called me yesterday and asked me if I was going to go to Women's Conference at BYU... I have been thinking about it now for a few weeks. I feel pretty nervous about flying (I haven't flown anywhere in like 6 years, since Josh came home from his mission) and I will be really pregnant by then. But I went ahead and registered for the conference. We are going to stay in housing. Last time when we went together we stayed at her friends house. We talked about how it would be fun to stay in the campus housing. You know get the whole student experience.... I didn't really think that I would be getting the whole student experience when I was over 7 months pregnant. But hey there is a first time for everything.
I went to women's conference with Mandi @ 4 years ago or so. It was a very uplifting experience. I loved it!!! I met so many people from different places. And I came home to my family feeling like I would be a better wife and Mom. I am looking forward to those same feelings again.
Well I have a doctor appointment on Monday, I am having my glucose test. Blahhhh! They are also going to check my Iron again. I pre-registered at the hospital and I did a virtual tour of the birthing center. I showed the girls what the room is going to look like and everything. The next three months are going to go so slow!!!
I watched the movie Dan in real life last night. It had a good ending. I cried and cried the last 20 minutes of it. And the entire movie I felt bad for the poor guy.

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Craig & Kerri said...

Hi Sandy, Just wanted to tell you what a great blog you have. I always check yours first, then i can listen to your great music while looking at the others. hope you are all doing well.
Love ya