Sunday, March 23, 2008

Day 2: Nelsons and the Jungmans

Well today we started off our Easter Sunday by going to church. Then we came home and ate sandwiches. And the adults (and Aaron) took a little nap. We got up and started the yummy dinner. While the dinner was cooking we looked out the window and it had stopped raining so we decided to take advantage and go outside and do an Easter Egg hunt. Then we came inside and watched Enchanted. After the movie we ate dinner. We ate Ham, and Home made Augratin potatoes, and cooked carrots, and Brocolli and Cheese sauce, and Homemade Rolls, and then for dessert Tracy had made a really yummy Lemon Pie. We are now getting the kids settled down and to bed. We are thinking about going to the Coast tomorrow, seems how the weather said it only has 30% chance of rain. We will see how it goes.
We had a great Easter together with family.

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