Sunday, May 18, 2008

Ashlynn learning how to ride a bike.

Ashlynn has almost learned
how to ride a bike all by herself.


Amber Cederberg said...

Looks like she is doing a great job!

Kimberly said...

How cute! Those pictures were so fun. We took Maddy's training wheels off when she turned 5, and it was sooooo traumatic! We had to explain that she had almost killed herself 5 million times WITH the training wheels. The crash wasn't going to be any worse without them! After that, I promised myself I would never do training wheels again, and Kristin gave us Chaz's old 12 inch bike when Brock turned four, I helped him for one day, then the next day, he just climbed on and took off! It was awesome. That turned into a very long post-sorry! Love you, and so glad to hear you're getting so close to holding your new baby!! I'm jealous! Love ya!

Andrea Hardman said...

I absolutly love the daddy-daughter picture. It's SO cute. We're thinking of you and can't wait to hear news about that baby too! Love ya.