Thursday, July 1, 2010

Trip to Florence with Jungmans

Sarah wrote her name in the sand

Rick Helped the kids build a sand castle.

Lindsay trying to talk Matthew into going for a swim with her.

Lindsay enjoying Matthews car seat

Trying to stay warm in Matthews carseat...

Kisses for Matthew

"come on Matthew"

Matthew being adorable as always

Tracy and Matthew

Lindsay LOVED the beach!!!

Lindsay watching me while I was eating breakfast,
she had already eaten and went back to the hotel
room with her Dad.

View from our hotel room.

little birdie taking a bath in the teeny stream

some of the kids looking out over the ocean.

Sea lions....

view from inside the "worlds largest sea lion cave"
needless to say it really stunk!

girls waiting for the elevator

Bella and Liz and Matthew

view from inside the upper part of the sea lion caves

And last but not least a picture of most the group

1 comment:

Kristie Wallace said...

I'm totally jealous! I love the Oregon coast...but I know from personal experience that Oregon ocean water is NOT warm or fun to swim in :). We loved looking at the pictures of all of you and wish we could have been there too.

Miss you and love you all! Hope to see you soon.