Thursday, May 7, 2009

New favorite hiding place

This is Lindsay new favorite place to hang out. She loves being under the table. When the girls eat their breakfast in the morning she crawls over there and stands at their legs and giggles, (with the occasional grunt and tug trying to get something to eat). She is such a happy sweet baby.


Sandy & Rick said...

Oh and yes she has mismatched socks on. The ladies at my work all thought it was funny She had one whitesock with cherries on it and then the other was pink and gold... What can I say they are really small socks and they get lost easy.

One Island chick and her two boys said...

Man!she is getting to be a big girl:) She's so adorable:) I love her cute smile and her cute outfit:)So sweet:)

The Kellers said...

Thanks for your comment and prayers Sandy-Trae is doing great! He is gaining his balance back and moving around quite normally. We have been blessed in that it wasn't worse. We will see how the summer goes, but we should be able to make it to the reunion. All my love, Maria