Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I have been wanting to do a post about our experience with the RMH (Ronald Mcdonald House) for some time.
What a incredible experience this was..  Words cannot express what a blessing these homes are to people who are going through all kinds of crisis in their lives.  During my first short stay I met a young guy probably 25ish  and he and his wife and young daughter had been staying there since February, Their little preemie was born with multiple health problems.
They have volunteers that come in and cook food.  (Usually businesses)  Lunch and dinner is provided by volunteers.  Breakfast they have tons of options as well.   Anyways I cant imagine the comfort it must bring when you have a crisis, or a little child, or any loved one in the hospital, (some of them not knowing if they will make it out of the hospital) to not have to worry about where to stay or how to pay for a hotel let alone food and gas etc.  How comforting it must be to be right there close by your loved one.  I know it was a comfort to me, and my loved one wasn't even in a life threatening situation.

                                            This was our room the first time we stayed there

                                                              This is the dining area

                                                           This is the huge fish tank

They ask you to pack a bag of snacks and treats for you to have through out the day.
They also will pack and deliver a lunch to you at the hospital if you are unable to come back for lunch.  
One of the times we have been in the PICU with Bella I noticed them delivering lunch to a family with a little baby that was in the PICU.

 This is a play area down in the basement you are welcome to bring your kids down here to play anytime day or night.


Sandy N said...

Also FYI it doesnt cost money. If you can they ask that you pay $10 per night.

The Perry Family said...

We had a wonderful experience there for the week that we stayed with Clara. I don't know what we would have done without them. We are forever RMH supporters! So glad that you were able to receive the help that you needed! :)