Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Bella's Journey

Well let see here where to begin.
I guess I will start at the beginning.  
Clear back in March, Bella started to notice a "pain in her Butt"  I thought I maybe she bruised her tailbone or something.  ( I had done this a time or two when I attempted to learn to roller skate) And it HURTS!
Anyways.  It was getting worse everyday.  And finally the last Sunday of spring break I decided to rake her to the Dr.  (a friend of mine told me her sister had the same symptoms when they were kids and it ended up being a cyst)  So I debated (you know the usual debate... when you decide if it is the kinda thing that the symptoms will be gone by tomorrow or if its the kinda thing that will get worse...  Ya that debate.)
Anyways so yes I took her into the Dr. and they did an ultra sound and sure enough she had a Cyst that was abscess.  So they gave her prescription and sent us home.  A few days later (and Bella not improving)  after talking to my sister who is a nurse and sees these sort of things often.  She called her Dr/surgeon friend and verified that this sort of Abscess Cyst of this size wont go away with antibiotic.  So they scheduled her for surgery that night (April 4th)  in Boise.
Ok from here I will sum it all up.
After the surgery we were doing dressing changes. Can I just say this must be extremely painful.  It is open wound healing so...  You have to take a corner of gauze and push it down in the wound.  Not fun for her and not fun for me.  Poor thing.
So that lasted a week or so... then she got an infection fever spiked etc.  So they decided for her sake to put her on a  wound vac .
Long story short she was on the wound vac for a few weeks (the wound heals a lot faster when on a wound vac.   After 2 weeks or so of having the wound vac off, she was doing a fundraiser for Girls camp and they rode in a trailer being pulled by a four wheeler and needless to say it was not a good move.  It reopened the wound.  (which she had noticed it was still really sore anyways)   So all I can figure is it must not have healed correctly.
Anyways they decided because she was so tender still there must be more infection/ cyst tissue.  So they redid the surgery on Wednesday May 22.
She has had a wound vac on since then, Which needs to be change at least twice weekly.  This surgery site was a lot deeper (4 centimeters)  they sedate her each time.
Bella has stayed in Boise the last few weeks.  And she will continue to stay there until she is off the wound vac.
                                                                Bella after first Surgery

                                                Bella after one of the wound vac changes

Bella with her new wound vac

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