Wednesday, February 20, 2008

While we were shopping last weekend Rick bought this book of Baby names. We havent been able to agree on anything as of yet. I have been trying to talk him into the name Tayva and I think that he is just starting to get used to the idea, but now I am getting to where I dont like it so much. There are a few other names that we have liked. But I wanted to hear some ideas from you??? So leave a comment if you have a name that you want to suggest. Lets have some fun with this shall we?


Heidi Lindsay said...

A girl who used to live at my house was called Annalisa. I think it is a beautiful name. They call her annalees or anna or lisa.

Craig & Kerri said...

here are some of my Favorite Girl names- Cadence, Crystal, Callie, Lindsay. When Cassie was Born we couldn't decide between Cassie & Crystal.


Hardman Family said...

Here are some of my favorite suggestions:
I like Craigs name Cadence too. I also knew a girl that I liked named Timbre, like music but I don't know about that because it also sounds like... chop chop, timber! But I liked it anyway.
Good luck!

Amber Cederberg said...

I like Cadence!! That is super cute!!!

Jensen Family said...

A few of my favorites (open mind please) I loved Afton, Kaycee, We have a friend and their son is named Sway and I love that for a boy or girl, I know there were a few other girl names I like....if I remember I will come back and tell you.