Thursday, February 28, 2008

Whats the weather like in your backyard???
The last few days has been so beautiful I decided I needed to post a picture and brag about our weather here in Oregon (While it isnt raining) It has been so warm the last couple days. I looked at our thermometer today after work and it read 67 degrees. Rick has been falling asleep with our bedroom window open this week, We have been falling asleep to the sound of the birds chirping out side in our "backyard forest" (pictured below). This is something I will really miss when we do move back to Idaho. Last spring and summer (and pretty much all year around) I was able to open my window at night and listen to birds, or the rain dripping off the trees, or just the breeze blowing through our trees. I love it! I looked forward to it every night! So while I did miss the snow this year... I still feel very lucky after all.

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Hardman Family said...

That is gorgeous! Rhyan and I took a vacation to Seattle last summer and we loved the landscape! It was so beautiful. I felt like we were in a national forest the whole time. Anyway, I'm jealous that it's been so warm! I think the high today is supposed to be 57 so we'll head to the park as soon as Brooklyn wakes up! Talk to you soon.