Thursday, January 24, 2008

Well Yesterday I had a doctor appointment, and I was so glad that Rick was able to come with me (he hasnt been able to make it to any of them yet because he has always had to work) Well anyways.. I was so nervous about something being wrong. I kept thinking the last week or two what am I going to do if something goes wrong? How am I going to explain it to my kids who are really excited to have a baby, let alone how am I going to cope with it myself? I got myself so nervous, that I almost expected the worse. ( I think sometimes we do that as a way to protect ourselves, I know I do anyways) So when we heard that heartbeat I just felt this huge relief!
I am getting SO excited! We find out if it will be a boy or girl in a week and a half. We are all counting down the days around here. Rick isnt going to get a day off until that day, so I decided I am taking that day off and we will spend some time together, then we will go get the girls early from school and go to the ultra sound then afterwards we will go shopping and let them each pick out an outfit for their baby brother or sister. Well that is how that day is planned out in my mind anyways... Can you tell I have had alot of time to think about this and plan it out??? :) Well I have rambled on long enough.

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Kimberly said...

Sandy, your blog is so cute, and I'm so excited for you! I know everything will go great, and I hope you keep us posted! Sure do love you!