Thursday, January 24, 2008

This totally made me laugh so hard. Ashlynn had just got done doing her homework and went and got in the tub. Well I decided to go check and make sure she got all her homework done and this is what I found.
It made me laugh so hard when I realized what it said. I read her the directions and told her she was supposed to make up a story using all the words in the web. (which she didnt use them all just paws and raccoon) And I also told her that she was supposed to make up the title for it too. I had no idea she would get so creative...... So here is her story just incase you cant read her handwriting.
The title is "The Poopea Raccoon" ( I assume poopea is suppsed to mean poopy)
Wans apon a time ther was a poopea raccoon that love to poop he poops all around the world he dasint help the Earth. Kuz he has poopea paws.
I think we have been living in Oregon to long she is worried about Raccoon poop hurting the Earth......Needless to say when she gets out of the tub she will be having to make some changes to this paper so I couldnt resist showing you before she has to change it. I wonder what her story will be about when she adds in the other words (rings, fur, mask )she is supposed to use? I wonder if she will keep the poop theme going? :)

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Kimberly said...

This made me laugh soooo hard! I love this age so much! Just learning how to write...spelling...ect! Sooooo CUTE!!!