Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Rick and Sandy's bdays

For mine and Ricks birthdays this year, my family went in together and rented us a room at the Geiser Grand hotel in Baker City.    Pretty awesome history in this building.  We had a great time.  And the best part was my sister volunteered to watch the 3 younger kids for me for the whole weekend.  It was so nice to know my kids were happy and being taken care of while Rick and I had some time for ourselves.  Thank you to my family for the much needed getaway.  And Thanks Kerri and Jason for watching 3 extra kids.  I bet Sacrament meeting must have been interesting.

                           I was very excited to once in my life stay at a place that had robes.  haha

             My niece Kiley came and her and Bella hung out together, with no little siblings to pester them and no parents to tell them what to do...   (well at least for one night)

Yes she is sleeping upside down in the recliner....  

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