Monday, May 23, 2011

halloween fun

So we moved like a week or 2 before Halloween. And it was crazy. I was like 20 months pregnant by that time, and always tired....

I painted the girls nails for the week of Halloween

No I did not make this.... I wish... But we did win it at the church's silent auction thingy.

Rick made this delicious adorable meal. Peas and potato soup with rolls decorated like pumpkins, the kids helped decorate the rolls. they each decorated their own but I forgot to take pics until it was just mine and Ricks left.

These are the MOST amazing Caramel apples I have ever tried.... We got teh idea from some caramel apples at Coldstone Creamery. Take a caramel apple then dip/pour white chocolate on it. Then sprinkle/ roll brown sugar and cinnamon on it. YuMMY!


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Jason and Kerri Allen said...

What a fun halloween meal. Seriously, Rick should teach Jason how to cook. I love that. What a fun day. Not that there is anything wrong with Jason's "Macaroni Surprise", but it might be time for him to learn to make something else.:)