Thursday, September 2, 2010


These photos tell a story. Altough they are funny just when you look at them, they are funnier when you know the whole story.
So this summer we decided it was time to adjust Lindsay's crib into a day bed type bed. So to make a long story short she is able to get in and out of her bed when she wants.... We also moved her so she shares a room with Ashlynn now instead of with Bella. So the night these pictures were taken was her first night in the new bed and new bedroom. We had tried to put her in bed a few times and she just kept getting out and so we put the gate up to keep her in the room at least. We figured she would wear herself out and get bored and then give up and get in bed... Rick went to the gym to work out and I was on the computer and she was being a stinker and yelling my name "Mommy!" over and over and over again, then I heard her saying "Mommy help me!!!" well she is not my first child so I know the "routine" SO I was trying hard to ignore it and teach her that bed time "bed time". I let her crying and pleading go on for about 5-10 min. (And dont get me wrong it was hard not to go get her) but finally I decided I would go and try again to lay her back down again (hoping she had wore herself out a little with her crying.... I got up and walked down the hall towards her room and I saw her little legs sticking out from under the gate... I felt awful! She had wedged herself under the gate (trying to escape) and she was stuck and had been yelling "mommy help me" and me thinking it was just a ploy to get out of the room (which it still was a ploy to get her out of the room) I had ignored it. Of course as soon as she saw me she got a proud smile on her face so I felt I could grab my camera and take a picture so her Dad could see it. Needless to say she hasnt tried escaping that way anymore. Gosh I love that girl!

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Kristie Wallace said...

That is hysterical!!! Reminds me of myself...when I was a baby I used to climb out of my crib and go climb into Kellie's crib or make her laugh as I ran free in our room. My parents could never figure how I would get out at such a young age, but that's me the daredevil trouble maker:)