Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Great Pumpkin

We decided to try something a little different this year.... We decided to have the
"Great Pumpkin" pay a little visit.... Some of our friends do a little thing called the great pumpkin with their kids every year, basically the children go through their candy and decide how much candy they are going to give to the "Great Pumpkin" And then in return the "Great Pumpkin" gives them a toy based on how much candy they give.... SO, for example if the children give 10 mini candy bars out of 200 then they get a cheapy dollar store toy. BUT... if they give 190 candy bars out of 200 then they get a cooler toy.
I like this idea because first of all do the kids really need 5 pounds of chocolate sitting around (or do I for that matter)?
Second of all... it really teaches choice and consequence in a different way.
Third of all I really liked seeing my kids give in faith that they would get something better back.
It was fun seeing them pick and choose what they are going to give... At times it almost seemed as though they were agonizing over it. And I would just remind them that they didn't have to give anything if they didn't want to. It was entirely up to them.

Bella's Great pumpkin Candy pile (above)
Ashlynn's Great pumpkin pile....

This is Ashlynn's pile of M&M's....

Bella saying goodbye to some of her big candy bars.... (She asked me to take a picture of her before she gave some away.... Next thing she will be asking for a funeral service for her Candy...

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