Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pumpkin Farm

Well we decided to take a little trip to the pumpkin farm. We also decided to be naughty and take the girls out of school 2 hours early (which take my word for it we never do...) It was REALLY embarrassing when I saw Ashlynn's teacher in the office and she asked me where we were going (why I was taking Ashlynn out early) and I cant lie about anything so I told her we were going to the pumpkin farm.... I was pretty embarrassed, But Rick decided not to work overtime on Monday so we could go to the pumpkin farm with our friends the Johnsons.
The pumpkin farm is only like 10 min. away but I took some pictures because I thought it was so pretty.

Isn't this SO pretty? The pictures don't do it justice, it is so gorgeous!
I love Autumn I love the colors!

We bought the girls carmel apples, yummy.

Lindsay and Rick coming down the big slide. She didnt enjoy it as much as he did, can you tell?

Bella holding Lindsay and Ashlynn holding Cabe.

Who's bigger?

Isnt it cute?

Happy fall everyone!


Tara said...

Wow!! Those are beautiful pictures. I love this time of year.

Shirley & Marty said...

I loved all the new pictures!! What cuties!!! I can't wait to come see them.

I am setting at school on Friday, October 31. I was in charge of the game room. The kids who choose to come in for the game room-library, all bring in their own games. They all just play very well together, and I just do my own thing. Some go to the dance, some to a movie, and some to the gym. And then of course, some do detention.

Dad went fishing in American Falls with Sharen and her kids. He is now at the new Costco in Pocatello on their way home.

You mentioned the book on the candidates, and how hard you have studied it all. I am proud of you. It really is important. I have been very neglectful this time and feel bad that I have not looked enough at the issues. I just got SO tired of the arguing and criticism. No excuse!
We are going to Nate's baptism tomorrow. Kirk is in SO much pain with his neck. He needs surgery really bad.
Love you. MOM