Saturday, October 18, 2008

Lindsay is famous!!!!

There is a website that I have been following, I love the recipe reviews and product reviews and I really love all the great giveaways that they have. Well they have a weekly feature called peanut of the week and this week they chose Lindsay to be the featured "little peanut".
So here is a link go check it out there is a little blurb about Lindsay.


Tara C said...

Oh, how fun to have her chosen as the Peanut. Fun page to follow also. Love You!

Rachel said...

Okay I have found a new site to lurk!!! Fabulous picture of Lindsay, she's such a little cutie. Congrats on your superstar!!

Oh and YES the Portland Temple is where we got married! ;)

The Johnson Clan said...

Hey Sandy,

Lindsay is so cute!I went to the website and saw her picture.She's so adorable! I love it! congratulation on ya superstar.. so cute! We're going to the pumpkin patch on MOnday if you ugys want to join us? Its been a while since we hung out.. so call me:)