Sunday, August 24, 2008


Alright so I feel I have alot to catch up on...
We will start with Thursday... Thursday morning the girls were ready to go up camping with their Aunt Net and Brian & Amy. SO they went up Thursday morning with them and then Rick and I got ready and left after he was done with work Thursday night. So we got there (to a campsite near Tillamook) around 8. We set up, and ate and went to bed. Rick had to be up at 5 so he could get home and shower and be to work by 7, so we tried to get some sleep (very unsuccessfully) we woke at 5:30 and realized that from our lack of good sleep all night we slept through his alarm! He got up and rushed out to the car and then came back and let me know that someone had been in our car (that we forgot to lock) they stole our GPS system that we havent had for very long at all (I think around 5-6 months). Then he left to go to work.
A little bit later Net came over and let us know that her camera was stolen out of her van as well. (later we realized that Taura's Ipod speakers were stolen as well) So frustrating!!!
So we waited until the Sheriff could come so we could file a report. Then we crammed 13 people in Net's van which only had 13 seats in it (one seat was out) and after a rough night and morning we were so very much looking forward to going to the Tillamook cheese factory and eating some very yummy icecream... Well we finally crammed in and buckled up and then sat in anticipation only to find that the Van wouldnt start!!! So Net got under the van with a wrench and hit the starter (after looking for a few min. to find it...) Poor Net I was standing out there trying to figure out how I could help and I made the comment that I needed a camera to take a picture of this. And low and behold Taura had her camera and so I snapped a picture or two and realized what the scene reminded me of... The wizard of OZ, and the witch's legs are stick out from under the house. It was pretty funny. Well then "we" (by that I mean Net) got the van started and were off to Tillamook.
it was pretty exciting.
Then a little bit later I found out that Rick, who was supposed to have Sat off was going to have to work SAt after all. So we decided to pack up and leave Friday night. So it was a really quick trip. But we did have alot of fun, with the family.
Net brought Bella back with her on Sat. I will post another post in a little bit telling you about our adventures from last night. But right now I have to change and feed my baby.
Here are some pics from the Tillamook Icecream factory.


Kimberly said...

Oh my heck Sandy! Don't you wish you could have caught that little sucker in the act! That is so maddening! I'm so sorry about that! Here's to better luck!

Sharen said...

Hey I finished the book. It was great but I wasnt happy with the ending. I wanted more detail about Jacob. I was always rooting for him so I was glad he imprinted on Nessie! I just wanted him to be happy. Do you think there will be another book?