Monday, August 4, 2008

Bella and her pillowcase

Ofcourse if Bella was getting her picture taken Ashlynn also needed her picture taken too. :)

I signed Bella up for a little sewing class at Joanne fabric, in which the kids all sewed a pillowcase. This is Bella's master piece... She picked out the fabric with a little help from her Dad. And she said that she was the first one done sewing their pillowcase. I think that next I am going to ask her to make me one. :)
So cute!


Shirley & Marty said...

Dear Bella; I LOVE your pillow Case!! I can't wait for you to do another project!! I wish you had a sewing machine so you could do more of these things!! Love Grandma

Amber Cederberg said...

What an amazing hobby!!! I hope she sticks with it, I still love to sew!!! Hows the baby girl doing?

Andrea Hardman said...

Cute fabric picks. That turned out great.