Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Lindsays first 24 hours

Lindsay meeting a few of her favorite people for the first time.

Ashlynn keeping a really close eye on Lindsay while they were getting her ready.
Lindsay snuggling with her big brother Jason.
Lindsay getting ready to go home from the hospital.

Ashlynn and Bella and Lindsay showing off the new quilt that Grandma Wallace made for Lindsay.


Amber Cederberg said...

Sandy- she is beautiful!!! But so is her mommy and older sisters!!! I guess it was bound to happen!! :)

amber and james said...

Congrats.! I didn't know you were going to have a baby! What a cool surprise for the first time I visited your blog! I hope everything went well! She is adorable! Your family is so cute! I am happy you are doing well. Take care.

Andrea Hardman said...

She is precious! I love the pictures. The kids are obviously facinated and in love with that beautiful baby! Congrats.

Kimberly said...

Sandy, she is so beautiful! Kristin has enjoyed Austin and Chaz being a little bit older so much, just because of how in love with that baby they are. I bet you have such great little helpers! With 3 older siblings that sweet little thing will never have to do anything for herself! Give her kisses for us! I'm so glad you are all healthy and happy! Congrats, and we love you!

Jensen Family said...

Congrats!!! She is adorable!