Thursday, July 24, 2008

Lindsays Blessing etc.

Lindsay saying that she is #1

My good friend Rebecca (that Lindsay is named after) made this gorgeous blanket for Lindsay. It is so beautiful!!!! Thanks Rebecca!

This picture was taken just after we got done going through the Twin Falls temple open house.
It was a great experience!
My Grandma with Lindsay Rebecca.


Heidi Lindsay said...

Lindsay Rebecca is so beautiful! I love her big beautiful eyes! She is #1! :D

Amber Cederberg said...

I love her! She is so beautiful!! Her and Regie share thier midddle name! I love that!! I can't wait till I get tohold her!! I got the idea for the bag here: it was alot of fun to make!!

amber and james said...

Your family is so cute! I love seeing pictures of your parents and Tracy and Josh. It is so weird that we are all grown up huh? So...Chris is o.k.! He lives in Blackfoot and works construction there. He is still single, and I think he hates it a lot! He just got a puppy, so that helps him not be so lonely. I wish I knew any single girls that I could hook him up with.
He doesn't go to church anymore, and he hangs out with T.J., and sometimes Eric and I guess he has seen Ryan Blaser and Levi once this summer. I wish he would find better friends. I guess he will just have to find a way to grow up somehow. He is still living in his high school years, but all of his friends are married with kids. I feel bad for him.
I guess that's life.
I am glad you are doing so well and have adorable children. That makes me happy!

The Johnson Clan said...

OMG!She's so beautiful.I love her dress.She's so adorable.I can't tell who she looks like You or Rick. Maybe when she gets a little older,maybe I can tell.She's a darling! Sorry I missed your call. I called back and you weren't there.But yeah we definantly need to get together again. Sorry I haven't come to visit. So hectic around here. Steven leaves this month and won't be back till september. Grrrr! We are going to miss our Daddy again..