Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Do you and your family have any traditions that are somewhat different or special?
Years ago while we were living in Northern Idaho, I was able to attend a organizational class that went on for about 8-12 weeks I cant remember how long... But it gave alot of good ideas on ways to be (basically a better wife and mother). One of the ideas she did with her family was if I remember right once a week or something like that... they would have a "special dinner" where the family would eat by candlelight, and they would use the best dishes (china). And she said that you would be amazed at the difference. So we have been doing this now for around a year or so. And we do our "special dinner" on Sunday's. The girls are always excited to set the table and help with dinner preparations, and light the candles. I have found it is a great way to start off the work/school week.
So now I would love to hear about a tradition that you do?


Andrea Hardman said...

What a good idea! I wish that they had a class like that here. I could use all the help I can get! I'll think about the traditions. Right now the only tradition my kids care about is me getting mac and cheese on for lunch. Sigh. And I do think that most of the NKOTB guys do look a little better but I only really think is handsome is the youngest one. Wasn't his name Joey or something like that?

Andrea Hardman said...

All right, everyone! Where are the traditions you do? I was really looking forward to hearing about a few so that I could add to my own hardly existant traditions. Post, Post, Post!