Monday, February 18, 2008

Bella went and got her hair cut this weekend.

Bella's Before

Bella After:

Isabella is getting so grown up she has been wanting to get her hair cut now for a few weeks. I finally made her an appointment at the mall on Sat. night. She is getting so grown up. I tried to suggest a few hairstyles when we were looking through the magazines at the salon and she didnt like any of my suggestions she found one all on her own. She didnt need me to stand in the salon with her. As a matter of fact I think she almost preferred me not staying in their with her.
She knew that she didnt want them to cut very much off. Well I guess it is time to face it my little girl is growing up.

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Heidi Lindsay said...

That's a very nice cut. She looks cute! Is "cute" an acceptable term to a girl of her age, or would she prefer, "cool" or something? I am such a dork!